Apostle Frank Burton Jr 

Pastor Frank

In 1997, high on a huge mountaintop (Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Co. Elevation 14,110 ft.), Apostle Frank encountered a theophany experience with God. God’s instruction was “simple” and “to the point.” The Lord spoke to the Apostle saying: “It’s Time Out for Nonsense, Foolishness, and Games! I’m tired of dealing with [boys]… I want My Men back [Real Men who are NOT ashamed to Praise the Lord]and I’m starting with you! So, tighten up your bootstraps and let’s go!” Ever since that mid-summer day, Apostle has been “set ablaze” for the Lord. A College graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, Apostle Frank also has extensive training in Counseling. He was one of the lead Hostage Negotiators for the FBI. Apostle was a recipient of a full Four-Year Colligate Athletic Scholarship. He is distinguished member of the DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY Athletic Hall of Fame for his outstanding achievements in Baseball and Football. Apostle received his graduate degree from WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice with a Concentration on Criminal Behavior. Graduating with a 3.9 GPA, Apostle was inducted into Alpha Phi Sigma, National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Apostle Frank is also the Author of: “From FBI Agent to an Apostle… Spiritual Sniper.”

After being obedient to God, Apostle began a Men’s Ministry called Spiritual Men of Warfare Visionaries (SMWV). SMWV started with thirteen men in a house back in 1997 grew quickly (meeting one Saturday per month to Praise the Lord). PERFECT WILL MINISTRIES, INC. was launched as a result of SMWV. As the years progressed, Apostle Frank finally accepted the “CALL of GOD” on his life. He would go on to become a Licensed Minister and then an Ordained Apostle, becoming the Founder and Chief Overseer of PERFECT WILL MINISTRIES in 2003. Apostle Frank is under the covering & direct tutelage of Bishop/Dr. C. Matthew Hudson, Jr of Matthews Memorial Baptist Church, in SE – Washington, DC.

As he travels all over this great Country of ours diligently doing the Work of the Lord, Apostle presents God’s Word in such an efficient way. God has blessed him with the gift of using parables to deliver the “Word” so it is Life Applicable to the “hearer.” Today, that same “Fire” that burned deep down in his Spirit, back in 1997 is still just as fierce. So please be in continued prayer for him as he continues to “be about His Father’s business.”

Pastor Tasey Burton 

Pastor Tasey Burton

Is absolutely a Woman of Valor and Integrity. She epitomizes the “Virtuous Woman” in Proverbs 31:10. Pastor Tasey, too, has a Degree in Communications from Elizabeth City University (Sum Cum Laude), in Elizabeth City, N.C.

She loves God and definitely has passion for His people. Pastor Tasey’s “No-nonsense” and “straight to the point” approach is mixed with gentleness and love. Her ability to go into the “Hard Places” and effectively follow up, is what makes her adored by the PWM Congregation. After being Saved at an early age and always singing for the Lord, Pastor Tasey answered the “Call of God” on her life in 2002. She is the Co-founder of Perfect Will Ministries, Inc. and has the “True” Heart of a Pastor. She enjoys singing and appropriately balances family with ministry.

Pastor Tasey is a proud graduate of PALMER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY (Philadelphia, PA), where she received her Master of Divinity Degree.